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Algot with fucus 250 g Russia

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Algot is a dry bran-algal mixture that makes up for the lack of plant fibers in the diet, normalizes the functions of the digestive system, and cleanses the body of toxic substances and carcinogens. The presence of algae in the mixture compensates for the loss of macro- and microelements due to the cleaning effect of bran. Wheat bran softens the excessive irritating effect of rye bran.

Method of application: the mixture is added to the first and second dishes 5-8 minutes before their readiness from 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons per serving, depending on the nature of the dishes and the individual properties of the body. It is possible to use "Algot" as a breading agent, seasonings for omelettes. With independent use of the mixture, it is recommended to fry it. In this case, the mixture is washed down with milk or water.

Ingredients: rye bran, wheat bran, fucus.

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