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Classical boiled sausage with the taste of a doctor’s 400 g "Vegan" Russia

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Ingredients: wheat protein, extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sunflower oil, Doctor's spicy aromatic mixture (extracts and spices: nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, maltodextrin), beetroot fiber, chicory inulin, sea salt, marine polysaccharides algae, dye, natural red rice. proteins not less than 24.0 g. fats no more than 11.0 g. carbohydrates 10g 245 Kcal. Weight 400g.

Shelf life at a temperature of 4 ± 2 ° C and a relative humidity of 75% - 45 days.

The product is ready to eat, convenient for a quick snack, and can be used for cooking first, second courses, salads. Fries well without losing shape.

The sausage is made from high-quality wheat protein obtained by direct extraction from grain, bypassing the flour stage. Direct extraction protein has greater nutritional value than washed from flour dough. The shorter the production chain, the product has greater biological and nutritional value. For example, whole grain bread is considered healthier than bread from flour.

 In the process of cooking sausages, a gentle heat treatment is used, this method allows you to leave the product “alive”.

The composition of the vegetarian "Doctor's" sausage includes extra virgin olive oil. The value of olive oil is in the high content of oleic acid, which belongs to the omega-9 fatty acid group, and is one of the main beneficial fatty acids, without which proper metabolism in the body is impossible. Therefore, nutritionists consider olive oil a champion among vegetable oils.

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