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Cocoa mass 200 g, beans of aromatic varieties "Afrikana", Russia

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Grated cocoa is obtained by grinding roasted crushed cocoa beans. The grinding process is accompanied by heating of the product, causing the melting of cocoa butter, so that the resulting mass of grated cocoa has a semi-liquid consistency.

Grated cocoa is used in cooking in the production of chocolate, including hot flavored drink.

Grated cocoa does not contain sugar or any additives, therefore it is widely used in cosmetology: chocolate masks, wraps, massages and baths. Such procedures will not only make your skin soft, smooth and silky, but will also give you pleasure from carrying them out, because the aroma of chocolate restores emotional balance, reduces irritability, soothes, gives a feeling of inner harmony and comfort.

Grated cocoa is also very popular in soap making.

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