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Urbech from pumpkin seeds 225 g Russia

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Urbech is an excellent basis for a hearty, non-special preparation, vitamin and mineral snack. It can be eaten in different ways:

- just a spoon - this method is for those who can control themselves to stop at the right time :);

- you can mix urbech with honey - then it loses its "viscosity", enveloping the mouth, and acquires a pleasant sweetness;

- it is very tasty to dip raw fruits or dried fruits in urbech;

urbech can be spread on bread or bread, "sandwich" can be made with butter, and you can without butter - at your discretion;

- Urbech can be a dressing for porridge, cottage cheese, salad, sauce or sweet dish - it will give the product a special nutty note and enrich it with additional nutritional properties.

Ingredients: pumpkin seeds.

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