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Lightly polished pink rice 500 g Granary Health Russia

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Pink rice is characterized by a higher content of dietary fiber (fiber), they regulate the work of the intestine, improve the microflora of the colon, help to eliminate cholesterol, reduce weight, normalize blood sugar and detoxify the body as a whole.

This rice is very suitable for cooking pilaf, loose side dishes, stews, salads with vegetable ingredients. It differs from traditional white cereal in enhanced nutritional value, a delicate pink tint, preservation of the integrity of the kernels during cooking, excellent taste and aroma.

Preparation: Cook the pink rice, pre-washed and dried on the grid for half an hour, in a heavy saucepan with a thick bottom in a ratio of 1: 1.7 (for 1 hour of rice 1.7 hours of water) with intensive boiling for the first two minutes. Then, reducing the fire to a minimum, add to taste salt, a little refined vegetable oil, cover tightly with a lid, cook for another 7-8 minutes, followed by wrapping.

Shelf life 12 months.

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