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Rice unpolished (brown) 400 g Zdoroveda Russia

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This rice has undergone minimal processing. Due to the weak grinding of grains in rice, the bran shell and the grain germ are preserved, as well as all the nutrients and vitamins that nature has generously endowed with these varieties of rice.

The bran shell gives the grains of rice a characteristic brownish and red hue and a nutty flavor. Unpolished rice is extremely beneficial for the human body and is highly appreciated by nutritionists and healthy food advocates for the presence of valuable dietary fiber in it, which the body needs to cleanse and maintain immunity.

Such rice is especially recommended for people with metabolic disorders in the body: obesity, diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, etc., as well as supporters of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Gluten free.

Although unpolished rice is cooked a little longer than ordinary types of rice, 30-40 minutes, but it always remains crumbly, and the grain retains its shape and acquires a delicate texture

Grown in the Krasnodar Territory.

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