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Flax dark weight 500 g Altai Russia

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Flax seeds are a good dietary supplement. Daily use of flaxseed decoction of 0.1 ml 3 times a day increases the formation of insulin, the area of ​​islet tissue, which allows to increase the level of glycemia reduction.

Flooded with water, flax seeds swell after a few hours and secrete mucus. Taking it inside, it has an enveloping effect, covering the mucous membrane of the digestive tract with a mucous membrane or is used as a mild laxative. Flaxseed decoction is successfully used in the treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer in the acute stage, with pain in the intestines, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and fissures of the rectum. It is also used for cystitis, jade and stones in the bladder.

Flaxseed contains fatty oil, protein, vitamin A, carbohydrates, organic acids, enzymes that exhibit a variety of therapeutic effects. That is why in medical practice they find the widest application.

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