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Alpine honey 0.7 kg Kazakhstan

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Alpine honey does not contain impurities (sugar, antibiotics, chemistry). It is assembled and manufactured in conditions of high environmental friendliness and taking into account compliance with sanitary safety standards. The apiary is equipped with modern equipment with a careful attitude to the world.

Mountain honey has a very delicate floral aroma with fruity notes. It has a rich taste and has a pleasant sweetness with light tart notes. The consistency of mountain honey is thick and viscous.

Bees collect nectar from plants growing on the mountain slopes: sage, thyme, sainfoin, oregano, catnip and many other herbs. Mountain honey is especially useful; the healing power of the plants that make up it is transferred to it.

It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, tonic, immunomodulatory, general strengthening properties. It is widely used in cosmetology - it is part of anti-aging and nourishing masks and wraps, it is successfully used in anti-cellulite products.

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