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Salami 400 g Vego Russia

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Semi-smoked vegetarian sausage "salami" based on wheat protein, made by natural smoking. Pleasant taste and benefits of natural plant products.

Composition: water; coconut oil; wheat gluten; soy protein; thickener: seaweed extract; potato starch; olive oil; spicy aromatic mixture of plant origin: (dye Red beetroot; coriander; basil; marjoram; carrot fiber; sea salt); food supplement: (soy protein, milk protein, natural spices: cumin, chili, black pepper, sea salt, black salt).

All Vego products are stored frozen (t -18) for 6 months. Information on freezing is indicated on the labels and corresponds to the product specifications. Before use, just transfer the product from the freezer to the refrigerator in one day. In frozen form, the products retain their taste and quality.

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