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Red lentils for germination 500 g Zhytnitsa health Russia

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Germination lentils are an environmentally friendly product designed specifically for healthy eating. Unlike green lentils, red lentils boil quickly, so it is great for soups, porridges and purees. Its nutty spicy taste goes well with all kinds of spices. Lentils can give the body not only a safe but also a useful source of trace elements, vitamins and vegetable protein.

The fact is that the content of vegetable proteins in lentil sprouts is higher than in other types of legumes. In this case, lentils do not accumulate radionuclides, metal salts, nitrates and toxic substances, and therefore are completely harmless to food. Sprouted lentils are soft in texture, and taste very similar to green peas, only less sweet. It is very valuable energetically, famous for its nutritional value and high content of B vitamins and magnesium. This is living food in the full sense of the word!

According to Ayurveda, lentils make a person calmer, more harmonious and help to find mental balance. Lentil seedlings perfectly strengthen the immune system, help prevent flu and colds. Due to the high content of iron, lentil sprouts are the best natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of anemia.

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