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Semolina semolina 400 g Zhytnitsa health Russia

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Semolina obtained from whole grains retains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This is a natural dietary product that contains a lot of starch, protein and fiber, which has such a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract and cleanses the body.

Polba is a semi-wild variety of wheat that contains the largest amount of protein - from 27% to 37%. Spelled porridge has a pleasant nutty aroma and is incredibly useful, especially for children. Gluten protein, which is especially rich in this cereal, contains 18 amino acids, among which almost all "essential" for the body amino acids.

To prepare porridge: Pour one part of cereal with two parts of water, add salt, sugar, spices, dried fruits to taste and cook until done.

And it is better not even to cook, and to steam: to bring water almost to boiling, to pour in it semolina (2,5 parts of water and 1 part of semolina), to cover with a cover, to cover with a towel. In 10 minutes the useful tasty porridge is ready.

Can be used for cooking raw food dishes.

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