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Germinated cereals with dry fruits, 200 gr, Zhigulevskaya Niva Russia

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Organic grain is grown in strict accordance with organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, without the use of genetically modified raw materials and synthetic growth regulators.

With the regular use of sprouted cereals "Zhigulevskaya Niva" in combination with dried fruits (apple, grapes, banana, apricot), which contain a large amount of fiber, which is very useful for the body, improves digestion, improves bowel function, and also lowers blood cholesterol for due to obstruction of fat absorption.

Ingredients: dried wheat grains, oat flakes, dried apple, dried grapes, dried banana, dried apricot.

The product is completely ready for use; no heat treatment is required. It is enough to add granola to milk, kefir, yogurt.

Well soaked in water, juice, walnut, coconut and other vegetable or in ordinary milk or yogurt, you can add any fruit, berries, dried fruits.

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