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Brown flax seed flour 300 g Health bread basket Russia

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Flaxseed flour is a lively and natural product created from selected flax seeds, ground on stone millstones. Eating flaxseed meal is a new and innovative approach to taking care of your health. Flaxseed flour is extremely rich in trace elements and vitamins, so it helps to stay active and lose weight quickly! There are very few calories in flax flour, and a large amount of fiber helps to improve bowel function, which also contributes to weight loss. Gluten free!

This flour will be especially useful:

Pregnant and lactating mothers;

Athletes and those who need a complete protein diet;

Vegans and vegetarians

People who prefer only healthy products.

Application: add to cereals, side dishes, sauces, cocktails, pancakes.

Flaxseed porridge for 1 serving: 2 tbsp. spoon flour with a hill pour cold water (150-200 ml), stir with a whisk. While stirring, bring to a boil. Porridge is ready. Add nuts, dried fruits, honey, if desired.

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