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Gluten-free amaranth bran bran 250 g Russia

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Amaranth bran - a natural source of protein and squalene, strengthens the immune and hormonal systems, contains dietary fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, a large amount of fiber.

The product is completely ready for use. Bran is used as an independent dish, as an additive to ready-made soups and cereals, with kefir and yogurt.

Amaranth contains 1.5 times more protein (up to 17%) than wheat, 3 times more fiber (up to 11%), 4 times more minerals (calcium - 106 mg, iron - 28 mg, phosphorus - 125 mg potassium - 177 mg, magnesium - 50 mg, manganese - 4 mg, zinc - 4 mg, copper - 2.5 mg and others). In addition, amaranth contains vitamins of groups D, B1, B2, E, PP.

The most important advantage of amaranth is the record content of squalene (up to 6%). Useful properties of squalene: Powerful adaptogen - increases the body's ability to withstand adverse conditions. "Purifier" of blood, gastrointestinal tract and kidneys from toxins and decay products. Stimulator of cell growth and health. It has the ability to bind "bad" cholesterol, preventing its deposits in the vessels

A special production technology allows you to save vitamins and minerals contained in amaranth. Thanks to this, bran from amaranth has a high nutritional value.

Low calorie content, lack of yeast, lack of gluten allows you to recommend bran as an absolutely dietary product and a means for losing weight.

Ingredients: amaranth flour, lip flour, corn flour, whole-grain rice flour, linseed flour, milk thistle flour, water, salt

Energy value:

1302 kJ / 311 kcal

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