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Chag tea with lemongrass 90 g "Baikal Grass" Russia

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Chaga tea is a combination of traditional recipes and advanced technologies, which allowed to repeat the true taste and aroma of this unique drink. The antioxidant properties of chaga mushroom and the tonic effect of lemongrass rejuvenate, heal and tone every cell of our body.

Ingredients: steamed chaga birch mushroom, lemongrass.

Method of preparation: 2-3 tsp pour chaga tea into a teapot, pour boiling water and let it brew for 5-6 minutes. Then pour the infusion into cups, add honey, steviosit or milk to taste. The drink is ready to drink!

Storage conditions: Store in a dry, ventilated room with a relative humidity of 75%, it is recommended to protect it from moisture.

Expiration date: 720 days

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