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Soy milk "Healthy menu" 0,5 l Russia

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Vegetable milk "Healthy menu" - a delicious natural drink, only plant ingredients. Suitable for vegan and vegetarian food, will diversify the menu during Lent. Low calorie - ideal for weight control programs. WITHOUT LACTOSE.

"Soy milk" is a dietary product that is made from soybeans. "Soy milk" has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste and unobtrusive light aroma. Easily absorbed by the body. Does not contain lactose and added sugar. Low calorie product. A source of high quality protein. Rich in macro and micro elements. Contains essential plant fiber.

It is made on the basis of whole grain (oat, rice), soybeans or nuts (almond, coconut). The grain is crushed, mixed with water and enzymes at the temperature of languor. In the process of preparation, all the benefits of the raw material go into the drink. You can use it like regular milk: drink, make porridge, pancakes, add to tea or coffee and even make ice cream. Vegetable milk is often called "cow's milk".

100% vegetable, without thickeners and preservatives,

Free of lactose and cholesterol, casein, palm oil.

No added sugar

Low in calories, easily digested

Contains calcium and vitamins

For daily nutrition, suitable for people regardless of age

Contains vegetable protein and unsaturated fats

Ways to use: pastries (pancakes, cupcakes, pancakes); smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream; milk porridge; addition to tea, chicory; drink, perfect with cereal and muesli.

Nutritional value in 100 ml of product: Proteins - 4 g., Fats - 2 g., Carbohydrates - 7 g.

Energy value in 100 ml of product: 60 kCal.

Ingredients: drinking water, soy, table salt, natural vanilla flavor.

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