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Saffron oil 250 ml Russia

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The benefits of saffron oil have been known since ancient times. In ancient times, valuable astringent ryzhik oil was obtained from yellowish-red ryzhik seeds. Its nutritional value is similar to sesame oil. Therefore, saffron oil is sometimes called "German sesame" or "German sesame". In addition to food, saffron oil has been used successfully in folk medicine. It was used to treat burns, wounds, inflammatory diseases of the digestive and visual organs. It was also actively used for refueling oil lamps.

The useful properties of this product are due to its unique composition. This is the optimal ratio of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, saffron oil contains a large amount of polyunsaturated acids - up to 36% Omega-3 and up to 18% Omega-6.

Saffron oil in terms of vitamin E is a real leader among other vegetable oils (flaxseed, sunflower, mustard, cedar). Just one tablespoon of saffron oil meets the body's daily need for this vitamin. Saffron oil is also famous for its high content of magnesium and vitamins A and D.

Shelf life: 240 days

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