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Ground turmeric 30 g Health breadbasket Russia

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Turmeric is a natural antibiotic! It cleanses the blood, strengthens the stomach, is useful in diabetes, asthma, anemia. Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory for those who are debilitated by chronic diseases or simply ill. Warm milk with turmeric is an ancient cosmetic means of rejuvenating the skin, giving it elasticity and a pleasant color. Turmeric is part of many antiseptic ointments. Turmeric is also used in combination with honey (externally) for bruises, sprains, inflammation of the joints. Lotions from ghee and turmeric are good for pustules, skin ulcers, abscesses. Since turmeric is good for the liver, Russian pharmacists use it to produce the drug holagol, which is effective in cholecystitis, gallstone disease, biliary colic.

Turmeric in cooking is indispensable for giving dishes a beautiful yellow color and delicate aroma.

Turmeric is useful in diabetes.

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