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Cocoa bean 100 g Royal Forest Russia

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ROYAL FOREST cocoa bean is peeled, roasted by a unique technology and crushed cocoa beans of the elite variety Kriollo with a rich and memorable taste!

Useful properties of cocoa nibs:

- reduces the risk of heart disease;

- improves blood circulation to the brain;

- the most powerful source of antioxidants;

- strengthens the cardiovascular system;

- produces a "hormone of joy";

- an excellent antidepressant;

- increases efficiency;

- stimulate mental activity;

- improves memory;

- does not contain GMOs and gluten;

- strengthens immunity.

Method of application

Cocoa semolina is consumed in its natural form, pre-washed and peeled. Grits can be added to drinks, desserts, homemade chocolate, pastries and other recipes.

Shelf life 18 months.

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