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Coconut shavings 500 g weight Indonesia

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Coconut flakes are made from ripe coconuts.

The coconuts are opened in half, the pulp is separated from the shell and rubbed on a grater. After that, the chips are laid out on pallets, and dried in a dehydrator at a low temperature (not more than 42 degrees), so the product is delicious, lively and useful.


And a few more words about coconuts:

In many countries, the coconut palm is called the tree of life, and is used for a variety of purposes, and completely, without residue, and coconuts are used not only in cooking but also as a medicine.

Coconuts have many useful substances: vitamins A, C and group B; minerals - calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, iron; natural sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, fatty oils, organic acids.

Coconut improves digestion, supports the immune system, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, has antioxidant properties. Coconut pulp and milk are rich in trace elements that restore strength and improve vision.

Coconut flakes, due to the fibers contained in it, perfectly cleanse the intestines of toxins and toxins: even after it is filled with water, its structure remains porous - this explains its cleansing properties.

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