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Vegan Salmon Fillet 500 g Vego Russia

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The novelty of the season is a delicious vegan filet that imitates the taste of salmon.

Seitan is a meat-like product made from wheat flour that is easily obtained by simply washing the dough. The washing process allows you to remove the main part of starch from wheat dough, while it acquires a soft, spongy consistency, and the concentration of protein (gluten or gluten) increases. The simplicity of the process and the meat-like structure of the resulting product made Seitan extremely popular at first in Asian cuisine, and then around the world, especially among vegetarians, for whom it became the first vegetable type of meat.

Ingredients: seitan, oat milk (purified water, oatmeal flour), refined sunflower oil, soybeans (non-GMO), vegan salmon flavor of plant origin, natural dye paprika, Nori seaweed, sea salt, lemon juice, spices (dill, sweet paprika, black pepper, allspice, lovage, basil, bay leaf, thyme)

Energy value (per 100 g): 135 kcal

Nutrition value (per 100 g):

 Proteins: 17.0 g

Fats: 6.0 g

Carbohydrates: 3.0 g

Shelf life, storage conditions: 6 months (-18 ° C)

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