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Cervelat 400 g Vego Russia

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Vegetarian cervelat goes well in salads with various vegetables, both raw and boiled, with herbs, mushrooms, cheese. For example, a salad made of thinly sliced ​​fresh cabbage sliced ​​in strips of vegetarian cervelat and seasoned with vegan mayonnaise is very tasty. With the addition of vegetarian cervelat, you can even make Olivier salad. And hot toasts with vegetarian cervelat and greens can be both a simple breakfast dish, and a wonderful addition to the festive table. Just like this, like any other vegetarian sausage, a great pizza topping.


Water, wheat gluten, Krainer combi complex nutritional supplement, dried seaweed, coconut oil, Meat flavoring, soy protein, Fermented rice color, salt, Meat, Glutalan flavoring additives, red color beetroot; flavorings "Smoke", "Garlic" ..

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