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Whole-grain pasta from spelled "Feathers" 400 g Granary of health Russia

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Spelled pasta compares favorably with its magical taste and unrivaled health benefits. Such products are classified as whole grains and contain a huge amount of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Spelled pasta well strengthens the immune system, helps to maintain normal weight and even lose it if necessary. This is an indispensable product for removing toxins and harmful toxins from the body. Athletes and people with diabetes often include them in their diets. This is a mouth-watering side dish with a low gluten content. Macaroni fully inherited all the useful properties of spelled!

Made only from whole-grain spelled flour and water - nothing harmful and unnecessary, only natural benefits.

Flour for the production of whole grain pasta is obtained by selecting the regimes of grinding grain, without first cleaning it from a valuable shell. This allows you to save five times more B vitamins in the product than with fine grinding.

Fiber, which is found in large quantities in whole grains of pasta, for a long time suppresses the feeling of hunger, giving the impression of satiety and almost not being absorbed by the body. In the process of digestion, fiber plays the role of an absorbent, removing delayed toxins and toxins, which also meets basic dietary principles.

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