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Whole-grain pasta from spelled "Shells" 350 g Zdoroveda Russia

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Spelled shells can become a full-fledged garnish. You can also use them for cooking casseroles and as a filler for soups. Whole grain pasta is good for your health primarily due to its high fiber content. They positively affect intestinal function, and with prolonged use reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and obesity.

Ingredients: whole grain spelled flour, water.

Nutrition value per 100g: proteins - 17g, carbohydrates - 67.8g, fats - 2.5g.

Energy value per 100g: 362 kcal / 1534 kJ.

Method of application: Preparation time: 8 min. Dip the required amount of product into boiling salted water, stir occasionally.

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