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Red rye malt 500 g Health bread basket Russia

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Fermented rye malt (red) has long been used in Russia for the preparation of custard varieties of bread, confectionery, brewing, and also serves as the main raw material for the preparation of kvass and other drinks.

It is red malt that gives the bread its aroma, unique taste and brownish-brown color. It is a flour improver, promotes better water absorption and provides good elasticity of the dough, improves the structure of bread crumb. Malt forms soluble substances that enhance fermentation, while the most valuable components of the grain for the body acquire a special digestible form, increase the shelf life of the finished product

Red rye malt is an environmentally friendly product made from selected rye grains.

Ground fermented rye malt is a valuable diabetic product. The substances contained in it slow down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, contribute to the stabilization of blood sugar, and a complex of minerals (manganese, magnesium, zinc, chromium and selenium) play an important role in the regulation of pancreatic secretion of natural insulin.

Porridge, yoghurts, soups, mashed potatoes, jelly, salads enriched with rye malt will occupy a worthy place in the BABY FOOD diet. Given that all 8 essential amino acids are contained in rye malt, its importance in the diet of people can hardly be overestimated.

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