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Raw cocoa butter - Colombia 200 g

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Cocoa butter is perfect for making chocolate, thick creams, cakes or fruit candies. Has a pleasant smell of chocolate.

Butter is obtained by squeezing fermented cocoa beans under heavy pressure. Heavily heated (above 60C) or oxidized under the action of air, cocoa butter turns white and loses many useful properties.

At a temperature of 32 degrees, cocoa butter begins to melt. You can easily melt it and also easily give it a solid shape again, using any heat source and a regular refrigerator.

Amazon cocoa butter is currently sourced from Colombia. Made from Cocoa beans of the Criollo variety *, obtained by the first cold pressing.

Ingredients: 100% Amazon cocoa butter. Colombia

Content of natural substances in 100 g of product:


proteins 0g

fat 99.9g

carbohydrate 0g

vit.C 0mg

vit.E 2.4mg

calcium 0

sodium 0

calories 899kcal

Country of manufacture: Amazon rainforest

Storage: 12 months at a temperature from +5 to +26.

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