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Chocolate "Victory of taste" bitter without sugar with stevia 72% without sugar 50 g Russia

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Ingredients: grated cocoa, maltitol (sweetener), cocoa powder, prebiotic (inulin), cocoa butter, flavoring (vanillin), emulsifier (lecithin), natural sweetener (stevia). Does not contain GMOs.

 Chocolate contains not less than: total dry cocoa residue - 65%, cocoa butter - 33%. May contain traces of nuts, cereals, dairy products. Contains inulin - a natural prebiotic of plant origin: - normalizes blood sugar; - removes harmful substances; - improves calcium absorption; - restores microflora; - lowers cholesterol; - stimulates digestion.

Nutritional value per 100g of product: proteins - 10g, fats - 36g, carbohydrates - 25g.

Energy value: 460 kcal. Store at a temperature of 15 to 21 ° C and relative humidity not more than 70%. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Shelf life 18 months.

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