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Black cumin (kalindzhi) 50 g Health granary RUSSIA

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Black cumin seeds have a bright and unforgettable taste, combine shades of strawberry, pepper and nutmeg.

Helps to get rid of various unpleasant sensations, including abdominal pain, headache and toothache. Cumin seeds are prescribed even to small children to reduce the number of abdominal cramps.

Effectively eliminates the symptoms of colds, with nasal congestion, it is recommended to mix cumin with olive oil and bury the resulting mixture.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

It is also possible for external use, if you use ground cumin seeds as a scrub, you can get rid of skin problems once and for all, because it perfectly copes with inflammatory processes.

Black cumin is widely used in folk medicine and cooking, it is used as a spice in the manufacture of various desserts and sweet drinks. Cumin is able to give the dish an unusual taste, thanks to the unusual taste combination.

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