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Black salt Nano Sri, 100g - India

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Volcanic black salt is another natural crude salt. In India, it is known as Kala Namak and Sanchal. It is a volcanic rock salt that is mined in deposits where substances containing hydrogen sulfide are present. Although the salt is called black, it looks pale pink.

Black salt is rich in substances that act on the body like enzymes that improve digestion. Black salt contains iodine, potassium, sulfur, iron and other trace elements. However, sodium chloride in it is much less than in our usual table salt. Therefore, its use reduces the risk of salt deposits in the joints. Also, salt does not increase the sodium content in the blood, so it is recommended for people with high blood pressure.

Use in cooking

The taste of black salt is less salty and more useful than usual. It has a distinct sulfur mineral taste. Because of this, black salt is often used to mimic the taste of eggs. Soups, salads, side dishes, snacks, sauces, vegetable pâtés and other dishes are seasoned with black salt.

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