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Urbech from amaranth white 230 g Gifts of the Pamirs Russia

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Among the most important properties note the beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, and not only as a cosmetic against aging, to smooth wrinkles, creases, increase the elasticity of fading skin. The treatment of various skin diseases, cuts, wounds, purulent abscesses is very effective.

The richest chemical composition of fatty acids helps to stabilize blood pressure and stimulate smooth muscle function. It will be useful to use boiled amaranth with fruit for children from one year and pregnant women.

? Amaranth is able to neutralize and remove free radicals from the human body. This has a beneficial effect on metabolism, the amount of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and general health. It is especially important to include this product in the regular diet when living or working in regions with high radiation background.

Ingredients: 100% amaranth seeds

Shelf life: 12 months.

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