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Urbech from hemp seeds 230g - "Gifts of the Pamirs", Russia

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Urbech is the name of a special product, the real pride of Dagestan. These are ground seeds or nuts, sometimes a mixture of them. There is urbech of roasted seeds or nuts, mixed with sugar or honey. We have chosen to offer you the most useful in our opinion types of urbech - in their composition ONLY unroasted and ground seeds or nuts (without heat and chemical treatment).

Urbech is considered a superfood (and in our opinion - a super-food or a super-food!), As well as seedlings, for example. The stern Dagestani mountaineers took urbech with them on long journeys through difficult and dangerous mountains, and this food allowed them to maintain strength and endurance in unfavorable natural conditions and under noticeable loads.

The product is not only known for its health and tonic properties, but at the same time is a favorite delicacy. Usually used with honey and pita bread.

An important clarification: the taste of urbech is unique - it is difficult to find analogues. So you should know that you will encounter another memorable property of urbech - it is difficult to describe, but we will try: it does not "knit" like a persimmon, but still a real urbech tightly envelops the mouth for a while. And this property makes it a very useful medicine in the case of ulcers, for example. If you eat it with not too big spoons, then you will be able to learn this new interesting feeling. In general, try a little for the first time, so that urbech does not scare you.

It is interesting to dip fresh fruit in urbech. The freshness and juiciness of the fruit perfectly harmonizes with the density and warmth of urbecha. This delicious breakfast, which does not require cooking at all, will be both hearty and vitamin at the same time.

Urbech improves cell metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves skin condition, lowers blood cholesterol.

Urbech is useful for: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, overweight or underweight, visual impairment, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Urbech satisfies thirst and hunger well. He is very, very satisfying. It is a natural elixir of youth and a valuable dietary product.

Product composition: ground unroasted raw cannabis seeds.

Shelf life: 12 months

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