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Urbech from pumpkin seeds 230 g Gifts of the Pamirs Russia

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Urbech from pumpkin seeds at once differs from other urbechs in the unusual greenish color. All other urbechi from our range are brown or different shades of gray, so the pumpkin urbech stands out against their background. It has a rather specific, quite pleasant taste. It is often more convenient and pleasant to eat than pure pumpkin seeds. In addition, urbecha is easier to eat more than sunflower seeds, and this property is especially liked by those who eat sunflower seeds for their beneficial properties. Pumpkin seeds are famous for their antiparasitic properties. In addition, they have a lot of zinc - a trace element that is especially useful for men. And pumpkin seeds have a beneficial effect on digestion and improve the intestinal microflora. Since urbech consists exclusively of pumpkin seeds, all these properties are fully transmitted to him.

Product composition: ground unroasted pumpkin seeds.

Urbech improves cell metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves skin condition, lowers blood cholesterol.

Urbech is useful for: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, overweight or underweight, visual impairment, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Urbech satisfies thirst and hunger well. He is very, very satisfying. It is a natural elixir of youth and a valuable dietary product.

Most often, fans of urbech prefer to use it:

- mixed with honey - in this combination, most species of urbech loses its inherent product "viscosity" and resembles a sweet chocolate paste, for which it is often called "raw nutella" :)

- as a fondue - to dip in urbech the cut pieces of vegetables and fruit

- as a "spread" on a sandwich (which may well be raw if you use breads and vegetables)

- as a dressing for porridge (including raw) - urbech gives it a pleasant nutty taste and enriches with additional nutritional properties

- as a component of dressing for salads, sauces, sweet dishes

- as a bioadditive-immunomodulator - to take in the morning on a teaspoon "

Energy value of 100 g of product:

Caloric Proteins Fats Carbohydrates

563 kcal 20 g 45 g 22 g

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