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Boiled sausage not fat 500 g Vego Russia

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The composition of vegetarian sausages (cooked, ham, paste, hunting sausages, cervelat, salami, sausages, sausages, basturma and sujuk) includes absolutely safe ingredients - soy, wheat and pea protein, tofu, corn starch, coconut oil, spices, spices, and as a dye - fermented rice, and no sodium nitrite! Therefore, vegetarian sausages are a much healthier food product than all meat sausages.

Nutritional value per 100 grams of product:

proteins - 18;

fats - 9;

carbohydrates - 9;

Energy value - 190 kcal / 790 kJ

Composition: water; wheat gluten; potato starch; coconut oil; soy protein; sunflower oil; Integrated dietary supplement “Premix” of plant origin; flavoring "Meat" of vegetable origin; salt; dye Red beetroot; Flavors "Mustard", "Cardamom"; Paprika dye

Shelf life of 60 days at a temperature of + 2 + 6 and 180 days at a temperature of -18.

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