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Tender sausages Mignon 500 g Vego Russia

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Vegetarian sausages made from wheat protein with the addition of fragrant spices, have a delicate pleasant taste.

Try boiling vegetarian sausages for breakfast! They can also be fried in olive oil and served with porridge, pasta, or even baked in dough. Vegetarian sausages are suitable for a picnic, they can be strung on skewers and grilled on a fire, toasted sausages on a barbecue grill.

Composition: water; wheat gluten; coconut oil; potato starch; soy protein; Integrated dietary supplement “Premix” of plant origin; flavoring "Meat" of vegetable origin; sunflower oil; salt; complex doctoral dietary supplement of plant origin; flavoring "Mustard"; dye Red beetroot; black pepper; Flavors "Cardamom", "Chile." Does not contain animal additives.

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