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Classical ham sausage 400 g Vego Russia

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The basis of plant-based vegetarian ham is wheat protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, controls hunger, adds energy, and helps digestion. And the taste of ham will make the dish also tasty. Just toast slices of ham, as an addition to buckwheat porridge or mashed potatoes, make a delicious sandwich or add to salads. And you can make a great vegetarian okroshka! Greens, cucumbers or radishes, potatoes, and slices of vegetarian ham - make up the perfect base for this light, summer cold soup, loved by many.

 Ingredients: wheat protein, water, table salt, soy goulash (non-GMO), spice mix, corn starch, refined coconut oil, pea protein, mustard, natural dyes of plant origin. Contains no animal additives. Suitable for fasting.

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